Vibe Rap Bracket!?(Video)

“Certain people. Certain brands. Certain publications. Should lose their fucken right to discuss Hip Hop. Because you have these outlets and you have these people who give out their fucken opinion. We dont have any history on these people. We dont know their fucken credibility. We dont know who their favorite rapper is. What they listen to. We dont konw anything about these people, but they write something and it’s etched in fucken stone as credible.”-Joe Budden on “Vibe Rap Bracket!?”

Let me be the first to say that Joe Buddens is the QUINTESSENTIAL HIP HOP FAN. He embodies EVERYTHING that a Hip Hop Head is: Unbridled love for the game, a deep knowledge of great catalogues and of course the self-given(is that a word?) title of “Credible Hip Hop analyst”. In this clip from JoeBuddenTV, Joey and Joell discuss the recent VIBE magazine attempt to remain relevant in Hip Hop. The problem with these lists is not that they’re COMPLETELY subjective, but because they’re COMPLETELY transparent. Yes, Joey they were but they were also trying to have the best matches, what they were trying to do is place rappers in their ranking for their own specific criteria. To explain, they put Canibus at # 31 and put LL Cool J at #2 because Canibus is lyrically (DOPE) but hasnt sold alot and most of the casual rap fans wouldn’t know who he is. And LL Cool J is a legend, even though he hasnt released a (DOPE) rap album since, well..more than a decade ago. Im pretty sure if they had ONE list of things thata (DOPE) rapper needs, the rankings will be different. But let me not get too into it.

PS- The fact that Joell Ortiz is not up there after an INCREDIBLE HIP HOP presence and buzz since 2005 and Foxy Brown is after she’s put NOTHING (DOPE) out in that same time span says alot.


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