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Slaughterhouse feat./ M.O.P- “Woodstock” * “Woodstock” Behind the Scenes(Video)

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Slaughterhouse feat./ M.O.P- “Woodstock” <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s time for change, like Obama in a laundromat.”-Crooked I on “Woodstock

Hmmm…ok, I see what you guys are doing. The 4-Person Slaughter brings in the undisputed LIVEST HIP HOP GROUP EVER to make what can only be described as a shot of that shit Vincent Vega put in Uma Thurman’s titty in Pulp Fiction and Red Bull(the Hong Kong Red Bull). Wow. Leaked by Mr. Budden himself. Keep the (DOPE)ness up.

PS- This is officially the first Slaughterhouse song where Joell has the worst verse.

PPS- READ MORE to see the “listening session” of this song(it has Premier, MOP and Slaughterhouse in the SAME ROOM).

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Murda Mook True Stories Interview (Video) *Round 1 Battle Vs. Young Hot (Video)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Ain’t no 10, 20 thousand [dollars]. Not for me. A nigga wanna see me, a nigga gonna have to get some real real bread.“-Murda Mook in above video

Wasn’t Murda Mook the SAME dude who was saying “any nigga could use 20 thousand dollars” when he was trying to get Cassidy to battle? How times have changed.  Peep the video of Murda Mook’s interview on True Stories to see him discuss his top 5 favorite battlers of all time, his memorable battle with Party Arty(R.I.P.) , how he wants to smash the PREGNANT hot Lauren London amongst other topics. I’m not going to lie, back in the day in NYC, people would look forward to a new Murda Mook battle, dude is definitely in my top 5 battlers of all time. READ MORE to check out one of my favorite battle verses from Murda Mook in his battle against Young Hot.

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Lupe Fiasco feat./ Matthew Santos- “Shinning Down”

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Lupe Fiasco feat./ Matthew Santos- Shinning Down <-Preview+ Download Link

Lupe shuts us down (Sounds like wants to sell records nowadays, maybe that’s just me.)

Now if we autotune THAT shit/We can hear the songs from that Opera room, fat bitch.”-Lupe Fiasco on “Shinning Down”

The Superstars are back..[insert producer of this song’s name] the beat is sick! Once again Lupe hooks up with the extremely (DOPE) stylings of Matthew Santos for his first single off of We Are Lasers, “Shinning Down”. This song (just like “Superstar”) will go over people’s heads, but the chorus will ensure HEAVY radio play. Lupe is a genius in and out of the booth. Drop another (DOPE) album and he may be considered one of the top 10 rappers of all time and DEFINITELY Top 5 Rappers Alive.


PS- The highlight rhyme basically summed up what Jay-Z was trying to say on “D.O.A.”.

Slaughterhouse- D.O.A. Freestyle

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Slaughterhouse- D.O.A. Freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

“My name’s bizzing, I mean buzzing, yall get the drift/I will finish niggas with 3 finger tips. Three finger tips, thumb, index and middle joint/Ones that support the pen thats finna begin the renaissance/It’s safe to say, I’m a one man restaurant/The chef, the waiter, the guest who’s getting his menu on. I cook it, I serve it, I eat it understand/If it dont taste good, how can I feed it to my fan/These niggas are cheating, feeding you from a can/Without a seasoned beat, the meat’ll be bland.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

The music’s a novel, you still on page 10/I read it, rewrote it, and published it, called it AMEN! See Ortiz’s/The Lord’s gift/to this forfeit/bullshit that yall worship/I’m a lyrical warship/And God forbid I should fall from off this/boat, I’ll land in the water come up and finish you with a swordfish. This Hip Hop is my office, believe I go to work/And when I promoted this CD, it’s over jerk/I sit there and write to a track till my shoulders hurt/And when both arms are done, I put my toes to work. You gotta hear what I gotta say, I’m just like that/And from what I’m hearing this day and age, I dont like rap. I was a fan, I used to love this shit/But yall getting away with murder like the glove dont fit.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

Not that I’d ever 2nd guess my pen/Just need to hear that sometimes I am Him. The Hulk Hogan of flowing, the prayers and the vitamins/24 inch pythons that’d damage an iron chin/And no I’m not brolic but the powers that lie within/My pen and paper enable me to change the environment. My pain’ll make it rain, triumph’ll make the sunshine/tornadoes when I’m angry/Hurricanes when it’s crunch time. Blizzards when niggas thinking they hot/And the hail, that symbolizes our album when it drops. And when this all stops and you can feel a slight breeze/that means I’m at ease.“-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

“This is my first relay race/I’m a decathlon, Dappa Don/I will lap you in a marathon.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

Nothing against Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9 or Crooked I. But on some real shit, Joell not only murdered the beat, demolished EVERYONE WHO’S EVER SPIT ON IT and killed 90% of the new music out(yes..even “Underground”), but he just moved up to #2 on my Top 5 Best Rappers Alive..with NO ALBUM OUT! Slaughterhosue came through to Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio and raped the (DOPE) “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)” beat. Wow…they all came hard, but Joell…WOW!


Amerie- Why R U?(Video)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

“I..Can’t..Lose“-Amerie in “Why R U?”

There are some things that will always be true. Hip Hop will never die(unlike previously reported). Halle Berry will ALWAYS be the baddest on the planet. And for the past 7 years, it seems to be true that Amerie may be one of the few SURE THINGS in R&B. I think she has MASTERED the “make them want more” method. She drops “Why Dont We Fall In Love”. Then leaves. Drops “1 Thing”. Then leaves. Drops Because I Love It. Then leaves. Now she drops THIS . Off of her latest opus, Breakups to Makeups In Love & War, The Buchanans  produced this  (DOPE) retro hip hop  cut.  You know you got a smash when  Flex plays your  barely 3 minute song for 15 minutes. Props to herfection for this cut.


Jay-Z- “D.O.A.(Death of Autotune)”(Live)

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*Clearer footage here.(put the embedding back up Big)*

“I’m a multi-millionaire/then how is it I’m still the hardest nigga here.”-Jay-Z on “D.O.A.(Death Of Autotune)”

While I was watching “The Hangover”(For the 2nd time, this time snuck in) Jay-Z decided to shut Giants Stadium down at the 2009 Summer Jam. UNBELIEVABLE! I dont think the video accurately captures the sheer pandamonium of the night or the fact that the crowd was reciting word for word this AMAZING record is signs that the radio is dead. Who knows. Oh and while Jim Jones claims he had Jay shook at Summer Jam, he was probably mouthing Hov’s lyrics when he performed…again.


Quick Fix IV (The Flood)

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Ya miss me?

Jay-Z- D.O.A.(Death. Of. Autotune) <-Preview + Download Link

“I know we facing a recession/But the music y’all making is gon make it the Great Depression.”

The Alchemist feat./ Eminem- Chemical Warfare <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s chemical warfare/Drop bombs like Sadam/I’m bringing the drama/Like Barack Obama/Playing Rock-O-Sock’em with the Octomama”-Emeinem on “Chemical Warfare”

Lil Wayne- No Quitter, Go Getta <-Preview + Download Link

“I’m a riot, insane/I’m a lion, my mane/Hangs down to my strings/And they tied to the game.”-Lil Wayne on “No Quitter, Go Getta”

Big Sean feat./ Kanye West- Glenwood <-Preview + Download Link

“”DAAAAMN, I bet you as sweet as you look, bitch/You so Bushwick/I’m 8 foot 6. I’m so up up on it like insomniacs/G.O.O.D. Music, damn ‘Ye, where you find me at?”- Big Sean on “Glenwood

Eminem and Jay-Z’s First Video Interview Together

“If this game would’ve came out when I was a kid, I would’ve went to Target and stole it. Along with my Pink Elf shirt.”-Eminem in above video

Eminem and Jay-Z part from 3:15 mark to 5:25 mark

…get the performance here.