Quick Fix IV (The Flood)


Ya miss me?

Jay-Z- D.O.A.(Death. Of. Autotune) <-Preview + Download Link

“I know we facing a recession/But the music y’all making is gon make it the Great Depression.”

The Alchemist feat./ Eminem- Chemical Warfare <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s chemical warfare/Drop bombs like Sadam/I’m bringing the drama/Like Barack Obama/Playing Rock-O-Sock’em with the Octomama”-Emeinem on “Chemical Warfare”

Lil Wayne- No Quitter, Go Getta <-Preview + Download Link

“I’m a riot, insane/I’m a lion, my mane/Hangs down to my strings/And they tied to the game.”-Lil Wayne on “No Quitter, Go Getta”

Big Sean feat./ Kanye West- Glenwood <-Preview + Download Link

“”DAAAAMN, I bet you as sweet as you look, bitch/You so Bushwick/I’m 8 foot 6. I’m so up up on it like insomniacs/G.O.O.D. Music, damn ‘Ye, where you find me at?”- Big Sean on “Glenwood

Eminem and Jay-Z’s First Video Interview Together

“If this game would’ve came out when I was a kid, I would’ve went to Target and stole it. Along with my Pink Elf shirt.”-Eminem in above video

Eminem and Jay-Z part from 3:15 mark to 5:25 mark

…get the performance here.


One Response to “Quick Fix IV (The Flood)”

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