Murda Mook True Stories Interview (Video) *Round 1 Battle Vs. Young Hot (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Ain’t no 10, 20 thousand [dollars]. Not for me. A nigga wanna see me, a nigga gonna have to get some real real bread.“-Murda Mook in above video

Wasn’t Murda Mook the SAME dude who was saying “any nigga could use 20 thousand dollars” when he was trying to get Cassidy to battle? How times have changed.  Peep the video of Murda Mook’s interview on True Stories to see him discuss his top 5 favorite battlers of all time, his memorable battle with Party Arty(R.I.P.) , how he wants to smash the PREGNANT hot Lauren London amongst other topics. I’m not going to lie, back in the day in NYC, people would look forward to a new Murda Mook battle, dude is definitely in my top 5 battlers of all time. READ MORE to check out one of my favorite battle verses from Murda Mook in his battle against Young Hot.

Murda Mook Vs. Young Hot Round 1

“And I do think I’m the greatest, I believe in the hype/That’s why every time you hear me, I compare me to Mike. Example, remember A.I. crossed Mike out his sneakers/It seemed so much worst ’cause we didn’t think Mike had a weakness. Off of that one move, A.I. got his fame/They forgot Jordan had 35 and still won that game.“-Murda Mook in above video


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