Slaughterhouse- D.O.A. Freestyle


Slaughterhouse- D.O.A. Freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

“My name’s bizzing, I mean buzzing, yall get the drift/I will finish niggas with 3 finger tips. Three finger tips, thumb, index and middle joint/Ones that support the pen thats finna begin the renaissance/It’s safe to say, I’m a one man restaurant/The chef, the waiter, the guest who’s getting his menu on. I cook it, I serve it, I eat it understand/If it dont taste good, how can I feed it to my fan/These niggas are cheating, feeding you from a can/Without a seasoned beat, the meat’ll be bland.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

The music’s a novel, you still on page 10/I read it, rewrote it, and published it, called it AMEN! See Ortiz’s/The Lord’s gift/to this forfeit/bullshit that yall worship/I’m a lyrical warship/And God forbid I should fall from off this/boat, I’ll land in the water come up and finish you with a swordfish. This Hip Hop is my office, believe I go to work/And when I promoted this CD, it’s over jerk/I sit there and write to a track till my shoulders hurt/And when both arms are done, I put my toes to work. You gotta hear what I gotta say, I’m just like that/And from what I’m hearing this day and age, I dont like rap. I was a fan, I used to love this shit/But yall getting away with murder like the glove dont fit.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

Not that I’d ever 2nd guess my pen/Just need to hear that sometimes I am Him. The Hulk Hogan of flowing, the prayers and the vitamins/24 inch pythons that’d damage an iron chin/And no I’m not brolic but the powers that lie within/My pen and paper enable me to change the environment. My pain’ll make it rain, triumph’ll make the sunshine/tornadoes when I’m angry/Hurricanes when it’s crunch time. Blizzards when niggas thinking they hot/And the hail, that symbolizes our album when it drops. And when this all stops and you can feel a slight breeze/that means I’m at ease.“-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

“This is my first relay race/I’m a decathlon, Dappa Don/I will lap you in a marathon.”-Joell Ortiz on “D.O.A. Freestyle”

Nothing against Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9 or Crooked I. But on some real shit, Joell not only murdered the beat, demolished EVERYONE WHO’S EVER SPIT ON IT and killed 90% of the new music out(yes..even “Underground”), but he just moved up to #2 on my Top 5 Best Rappers Alive..with NO ALBUM OUT! Slaughterhosue came through to Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio and raped the (DOPE) “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)” beat. Wow…they all came hard, but Joell…WOW!


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