Slaughterhouse feat./ M.O.P- “Woodstock” * “Woodstock” Behind the Scenes(Video)


Slaughterhouse feat./ M.O.P- “Woodstock” <-Preview + Download Link

“It’s time for change, like Obama in a laundromat.”-Crooked I on “Woodstock

Hmmm…ok, I see what you guys are doing. The 4-Person Slaughter brings in the undisputed LIVEST HIP HOP GROUP EVER to make what can only be described as a shot of that shit Vincent Vega put in Uma Thurman’s titty in Pulp Fiction and Red Bull(the Hong Kong Red Bull). Wow. Leaked by Mr. Budden himself. Keep the (DOPE)ness up.

PS- This is officially the first Slaughterhouse song where Joell has the worst verse.

PPS- READ MORE to see the “listening session” of this song(it has Premier, MOP and Slaughterhouse in the SAME ROOM).

“Woodstock” Behind The Scenes



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