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Clarion Presents “Inside the Mind” with Donny Goines (Video) *Bonus Cut: Donny Goines- China Club Performance (Video)

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“Stage performances are probably one of the most critical aspects of this whole realm. Because you can not duplicate a performance. You can bootleg CD’s. You can leak an album. You can sell T-Shirts. But if people can see you. If they can touch you. If they can interact with you. If they having a great time, those things can not be duplicated.”-Donny Goines in above video

“If you dont know my name, I ain’t working hard enough.”-Donny Goines in above video

The hardest working indie artist in the game, senor Donny Goines chats it up with Clarion to discuss that art of Hip Hop, but in this video he discusses the IMMENSE importance of a (DOPE) live performance. I think now with piracy and the ease of file sharing through blogs in the past 5-6 years, artists have consciously either upgraded their live shows or performed more. Glad these artists are finally catching up to what The Roots, KRS One and others have known for over a decade. READ MORE to check out an example of one of Donny’s performance(so pissed that I missed him at BHF this year).


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Joell Ortiz- “Food For Thought” (Video)

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“No one’s actually met you, they just write and hope you hear it/And hope that you’re attracted to the person in their lyrics.“-Joell Ortiz on “Food For Thought”

“But not a soul’s met you face to face/ So with every word they write is where they place the faith. Proving the next line in this lyric/How can Hip Hop be dead when she’s a spirit?“-Joell Ortiz on “Food For Thought”

Same Plate Management/Hidden City Entertainment sent me this (DOPE) ass video of the Joell Ortiz joint, “Food For Thought” off of the Cookin’ Soul & Nah Right 1:00 A.M and Rising mixtape. I LOVE the play on the Twitter craze and the overall message of the song. I said it once and I’ll say it again…



Drake- “The Search” feat./ Saukrates * Bonus Cut: “Think Good Thoughts” feat./ Phonte & Elzhi

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Drake- The Search feat./ Saukrates <-Preview + Download Link

“Hip Hop’s newest and youngest aquisition/If this was you, I wonder what you’d do in that position/Try to make a prophet or try to make a difference/Try to make ’em play ya shit or try and make ’em listen. I go from records with Dwele and LB or Elzhi/To meetings where they tell me to start making records that they’ll buy. Now I’m out in A-Town/They telling me Trey sound/is too mainstream if I plan on be sticking A-Round. “-Drake on “The Search”

My fellow crusaders of the (DOPE) do what they do best and unleast this new old (DOPE) Drake song. This is DEFINITELY pre-So Far Gone as he mentions his collabos off of its predecessor, Comeback Season. This is definitely a (DOPE) record off of Rich Kidd’s(I know. Who?) new mixtape, We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3. I quote the WHOLE thing because after songs like “Successful”, “Every Girl” and his recent string of guest appearances, it seems which road Drake chose to go. I still think he’s a (DOPE) artist, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more songs from him like this..or ESPECIALLY like THIS. READ MORE to check out one of my favorite Drake songs ever, “Think Good Thoughts” (FINALLY THE FULL VERSION).


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The Clipse- Live From Webster Hall (Video)

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The Clipse- Kinda Like A Big Deal (Speical Appearance from Kanye West)

“Watch a nigga burn through it/Life’s a maze, you twist and you turn through it.”-Pusha T on “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

Here’s a couple videos of The Clipse performance at Webster Hall last night. Up top the Virgina slingers bring out Mr. Popular to rock his (DOPE) verse on “Kinda Like A Big Deal”. See songs like this reassure me of what I ALREADY know that The Clipse are going to make ANOTHER classic. However, songs like this make me think different. READ MORE to check out the self-proclaimed “best 2 man group ever” perform the  (DOPE)st song from Hell Hath No Fury.


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Eminem- “The Warning” (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss) * Bonus Cut: Eminem’s Rap City Freestyle (Video)

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eminem-26Eminem- The Warning <-Preview + Download Link

“As long as that song’s getting airplay I’m dissing you/I’m a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued.”-Eminem on “The Warning”

Blame Dino Nero B, Ray M.D. and the homie Edwin for the INEXCUSABLE lateness of this (DOPE) new Eminem diss song. Niggas took ALL night to record. But onto what we all came here for. Eminem cremeates The Careys The Cannon The Odd Couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on this song that makes EVERY other diss to her sondd like a compliment. Word around the internet and streets is that people are happy and disappointed that Em went off on Mariah mainly because they’re under the misconception that this is better than anything on Relapse. First of all, anyone who DOESNT think Relapse is a (DOPE) album hasnt listened to Eminem that long apparently. And second of all, havent you heard the hype around the INSANE (DOPE)NESS that will Relapse 2. Oh, you don’ t believe that? READ MORE to check him OBLITERATE the Rap City booth.


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Skyzoo – The Beautiful Decay (Video)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Please dont believe in everything that you listen to/Everything you listen to is everything they didnt do/Everything they didnt do is everything they wanna say/Everything they wanna say is everything you wanna play. But for the beautiful, I can find the decay in it/Take the newest light bill with a pen in the basement and/use the back of the light bill the write what I’m saying and/hope that it’d keep ya lights on when you playing it.”-Skyzoo on “The Beautiful Decay”

9th Wonder behind the boards. Skyzoo behind the mic. The hood in his mind. (DOPE)ness in our ears. Director Artemis Jenkis provides the gorgeous visuals for, I supposed the 1st single from internet mainstay, underground boss, Duck Down and Jamla Records artist Skyzoo’s first and HIGHLY OVERDUE debut album, The Salvation, which is scheduled to be released September 29th. The highlight rhyme is what makes Skyzoo who he is and why people LOVE Skyzoo. Not one for crazy punchlines, or insanely intricate wordplay, just poetic realness. He’s definitely cut from the Nas and Mos Def cloth(more Nasir than Dante though).


Fresh Daily- “Untucked Nunchucks”

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freshdaily Fresh Daily-Untucked Nunchucks <-Preview + Download Link

“So I grind like black pepper/to stack cheddar/Never met my match, but I’m sure that my raps better.”-Fresh Daily on “Untucked Nunchucks”

FRESH DOT DAILY!!! PLEASE SAY THE DAILY!! Straight from the root of all illness comes a leak off of Fresh’s upcoming album, The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion. One of my favorite spitters from the underground, always consistent with it. Want to check out more Fresh? You already know what to do.