Shawn Chrystopher-“Lose Your Mind”*”Untitled”(Acoustic Performance)(Video)

shawn-chrystopher-feature-02 Shawn Chrystopher- Lose Your Mind <-Preview + Download Link

“I make shit you can daydream about/now look, the secret’s out.”-Shawn Chrystopher on “Lose Your Mind”

I have NOOO IDEA who this guy is. I’ve heard his name around the blogs but never checked him out. Peeped this over at herfection and I must say…PRETTY FUCKEN (DOPE).  Off of his debut album, A City With No Seasons. If you’re like me and this is your first exposure to this dude check out his myspace…or twitter…or any other outlet from the internets. Me, I did my research and found this (DOPE) acapella/acoustic version of his song “Untitled”.  READ MORE to check it out.


Shawn Chrystopher- “Untitled”(Acoustic Performance)

“Imma love her till the sun stops shining/till the clock stops ticking/till the moon doesnt come out at all/Imma love her till the birds stop singing/till the ocean runs dry/till the summer’s not followed by fall/imma love her till the wind dont blow/the fish dont swim/till the mountains aint no where as tall/Imma love her forever.“-Shawn Chrystopher on “Untitled”


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