QuEst- “LavishLuxuriously” * “No One’s Allowed” (feat./ XV)


QuEst-LavishLuxuriously <-Preview + Download Link

“I got a girl, she can get it all/From the love cards to the sweat dripping on my balls.“-QuEst on “LavishLuxuriously”

Slow music monday(I am NOT posting that whack Drake video) so I decided to fulfill a promise I made to myself and get into some of the homie, QuEst’s music. I must say, this joint right here has radio smash written all over it but it still has that crucial and sometimes illusive artistic integrity(word to Wale). Hopefully he decides to keep this on the CD and not go the other route. Courtesy of DJ Semtex, this (DOPE) joint off of QuEsT’s upcoming project Broken Headphones bein presented in conjunction with illroots, 2dopeboyz and HipHopDX. Hey QuEst, let the above pic be your cover and you’ll get more downloads than So Far Gone. Stupid WordPress wont let me post the pics of the chicks kissing. Fuck itREAD MORE to check out him and fellow new spitter, XV from Kansas(I know, KANSAS!) trade bars on the track “No One’s Allowed” off of the There’s Only One Month Left mixtape he dropped..uhh.. a month ago.

QuEsT feat./ XV- “No One’s Allowed”

QuEst feat./ XV- No One’s Allowed <-Download Link

“But I never want to hit the ground/Got a Cloverfield flow when I hit the town.”-XV on “No One’s Allowed


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