Wale feat./ Gucci Mane- “Pretty Girls” (Prod. by Best Kept Secret)

wale-lindsay3 Wale feat./ Gucci Mane- Pretty Girls (Prod. By Best Kept Secret) <-Preview + Download Link

“And I be with P so I got BBC shit/Even if I didnt I would ball like Arenas. SWISH!”-Wale on “Pretty Girls”

First things first, Best Kept Secret are some FUCKEN BEASTS on the boards. Now onto the song. Supposedly this is the 2nd single off of Wale’s INTERNET ANTICIPATED IMMENSELY CRUCIAL debut album Attention:Deficit. Hmm, Wale, I know what you’re trying to do. I do. I understand why you got GaGa on the first single and I know why you have Gucci on the 2nd. But unlike the 1st single, Gucci, his AWFUL “slushie line”) and your uncharacteristically pedestrian exercise of materialism almost made this song unpostable. Thankfully Wale’s flow is ALWAYS top knotch, the beat is (DOPE) and the hook is beautiful.



2 Responses to “Wale feat./ Gucci Mane- “Pretty Girls” (Prod. by Best Kept Secret)”

  1. mikolo reason Says:

    wasup. hmm just want to know the name wale sounds african, i mean most nigerian bear that name from birth, is he one? and also am feling the fela and the way he is holding down DC where all them federal iz 4rm me i’ll say he suld kip it real and stay matured coz where he reping has a lot to do wit maturity. u heard, ONE.

  2. shiizzy Says:

    he is nigerian, yoruba. me myself im from sierra leone. wale my fav rapper nd gucci verse aint dat horrible but wale always kills it

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