Clarion Presents “Inside the Mind” with Donny Goines (Video) *Bonus Cut: Donny Goines- China Club Performance (Video)

“Stage performances are probably one of the most critical aspects of this whole realm. Because you can not duplicate a performance. You can bootleg CD’s. You can leak an album. You can sell T-Shirts. But if people can see you. If they can touch you. If they can interact with you. If they having a great time, those things can not be duplicated.”-Donny Goines in above video

“If you dont know my name, I ain’t working hard enough.”-Donny Goines in above video

The hardest working indie artist in the game, senor Donny Goines chats it up with Clarion to discuss that art of Hip Hop, but in this video he discusses the IMMENSE importance of a (DOPE) live performance. I think now with piracy and the ease of file sharing through blogs in the past 5-6 years, artists have consciously either upgraded their live shows or performed more. Glad these artists are finally catching up to what The Roots, KRS One and others have known for over a decade. READ MORE to check out an example of one of Donny’s performance(so pissed that I missed him at BHF this year).


Donny Goines- China Club 5/05/09


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