Drake- “The Search” feat./ Saukrates * Bonus Cut: “Think Good Thoughts” feat./ Phonte & Elzhi


Drake- The Search feat./ Saukrates <-Preview + Download Link

“Hip Hop’s newest and youngest aquisition/If this was you, I wonder what you’d do in that position/Try to make a prophet or try to make a difference/Try to make ’em play ya shit or try and make ’em listen. I go from records with Dwele and LB or Elzhi/To meetings where they tell me to start making records that they’ll buy. Now I’m out in A-Town/They telling me Trey sound/is too mainstream if I plan on be sticking A-Round. “-Drake on “The Search”

My fellow crusaders of the (DOPE) do what they do best and unleast this new old (DOPE) Drake song. This is DEFINITELY pre-So Far Gone as he mentions his collabos off of its predecessor, Comeback Season. This is definitely a (DOPE) record off of Rich Kidd’s(I know. Who?) new mixtape, We On Some Rich Kidd Shit Volume 3. I quote the WHOLE thing because after songs like “Successful”, “Every Girl” and his recent string of guest appearances, it seems which road Drake chose to go. I still think he’s a (DOPE) artist, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more songs from him like this..or ESPECIALLY like THIS. READ MORE to check out one of my favorite Drake songs ever, “Think Good Thoughts” (FINALLY THE FULL VERSION).


Drake feat./ Phonte & Elzhi- Think Good Thoughts <-Preview + Download Link

“See, I’m well read (Red) like sunburn.”-Phonte on “Think Good Thoughts


PS- Hey Drake, can you PLEASE make half of Thank Me Later sound like this. That is “if you planning on staying A-Round.

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