Eminem- “The Warning” (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss) * Bonus Cut: Eminem’s Rap City Freestyle (Video)

eminem-26Eminem- The Warning <-Preview + Download Link

“As long as that song’s getting airplay I’m dissing you/I’m a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued.”-Eminem on “The Warning”

Blame Dino Nero B, Ray M.D. and the homie Edwin for the INEXCUSABLE lateness of this (DOPE) new Eminem diss song. Niggas took ALL night to record. But onto what we all came here for. Eminem cremeates The Careys The Cannon The Odd Couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on this song that makes EVERY other diss to her sondd like a compliment. Word around the internet and streets is that people are happy and disappointed that Em went off on Mariah mainly because they’re under the misconception that this is better than anything on Relapse. First of all, anyone who DOESNT think Relapse is a (DOPE) album hasnt listened to Eminem that long apparently. And second of all, havent you heard the hype around the INSANE (DOPE)NESS that will Relapse 2. Oh, you don’ t believe that? READ MORE to check him OBLITERATE the Rap City booth.


Eminem- Rap City Freestyle

“First off, I didnt even realize the guy died/So I guess those Christopher Reeves jokes ain’t gonna fly.“-Eminem on Rap City Freestyle


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