The Clipse- Live From Webster Hall (Video)

The Clipse- Kinda Like A Big Deal (Speical Appearance from Kanye West)

“Watch a nigga burn through it/Life’s a maze, you twist and you turn through it.”-Pusha T on “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

Here’s a couple videos of The Clipse performance at Webster Hall last night. Up top the Virgina slingers bring out Mr. Popular to rock his (DOPE) verse on “Kinda Like A Big Deal”. See songs like this reassure me of what I ALREADY know that The Clipse are going to make ANOTHER classic. However, songs like this make me think different. READ MORE to check out the self-proclaimed “best 2 man group ever” perform the  (DOPE)st song from Hell Hath No Fury.


The Clipse- Keys Open Doors

The realeast shit I ever wrote/not ‘Pac inspired/it’s crack pot inspired/my real niggas quote.“-Pusha T on “Keys Open Doors”


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