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Jay-Z feat./ J. Cole- “A Star Is Born” (Prod. By Kanye West & No I.D.)

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MusicCatalog-J-Jay-Z - vol.2 ... Hard Knock Life-Jay-Z - Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life

Jay-Z feat./ J. Cole- A Star Is Born <-Preview + Download Link

“Wayne did a milli/50 did a milli/’Ye too, but what Em did was silly. The white boy blossomed/After Dre endorsed him/his flow on Renagade..fucken awesome/Applaud him.”-Jay-Z on “A Star Is Born


You KNOW I had to put that as the highlight line. The FINAL Blueprint 3 leak from DopeIsAsDopeDoes finds Jay-Z and his first Roc Nation artist signee, (DOPE)st rookie of the year, J. Cole discuss the great times of becoming a star. Jay name drops EVERYONE from Outkast to 50 to even Mobb Deep(although throws a jab at Prodigy…AGAIN). THIS is the type of futuristic yet classic boom bap Hip Hop Blueprint 3 shouldve hopefully is. That other Kanye leak from BP3 is quite atrocious(not even going to link to it) and you know about the other Timbo shit. Apparently Hov is holding a press conference (a la Killa Cam) sometime soon. September 11th = The Blueprint series finale (for better or worst).

PS- Fans need to realize, white or not, what “Em did WAS silly.” Yes, Wayne sold 1.05 in a week and 50 sold 1.5 in a week, but Em sold over a million in less than 10 days AND went diamond (10 mill+) worldwide…THREE STRAIGHT TIMES. G.O.A.T. status

PPS- I brought the Vol. 2 album cover because well..that’s when Jay-Z(with help from a little white girl) became a star.


Drake feat./ Trey Songz- “Successful” (Video)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.“And life change for us, every single so/it’s good, but I know this ain’t the peak though.”-Drake on “Successful”

The visuals for the runner up for song of the summer (ahead of “Every Girl” and before “Best I Ever Had”, damn Drake) have arrived. Drake, Trey and Weezy and a sung verse from Mr. Songz on this “Successful” video really match the reflective, dark mood of the production. The highlight line is apt because Drake is definitely the man who does ALOT in a short amount of times. He has spurts like this past week where he had a video with a Queena song with a King and a song with THE God Eminem leak in the same week. Drake, listen to me. Whoever directed this video, stay with them.
PS- Original “Successful” w/ Lil Wayne >>>>> “Successful” w/o Lil Wayne

Drake feat./ Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem- “Forever”

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forever Drake feat./ Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem- Forever

“Payback motherfucker for the way you got at me, how’s it taste/When I slap the taste out of your mouth with a ring so loud it shakes the place/I’m hannibal lecter so just in case you thinking of saving face/You aint gonna have no face save/By the time I’m done with this place, so Drake…”-Eminem on “Forever”

“Everyone who’s doubted me is asking for forgiveness/If you aint been apart of it, at least you got to witness…bitches.”-Drake on “Forever”

Lets get the formalities out of the way before I gush about this record. This is record, produced by Boi-1Da(who also cooked up “Best I Ever Had”) will be featured on the soundtrack of the Lebron James documentary, More Than A Game. Now that THAT’S out of the way, let me say…

HOLY FUCK!! The beat and chorus is rehashed from the original (and FARRRR inferior) version with just Mr. Graham and Weezy. It’s been a general consensus on the Twitterland, blogs and forums since last night when it debuted that Drake, Wayne, and ‘Ye were all battling for 2nd place with the heralded verse of the year by Eminem destroying everything. While I dont think it’s verse of the year(check his first verse from “Underground” for a possible contender), Em did do 2 things that show he is the ultimate chess master of this rap shit:

1. PURPOSELY get on the track with the 3 rappers people were saying were running rap during his drug-induced 5 Year sabatical and reclaim his title as the king.

2. FORCE the MTV “braintrust” to have NO choice but to put the rapper with the highest selling album of the year and most critically acclaimed album of the year as the “Hottest” rapper Alive since he murdered the 2 previous recepient of that title (Wayne and Kanye) and the one who they were hyping to become the next (Drake).

“…rap’ll never be the same as before“-Eminem on “Forever”

Jay-Z- “Venus Vs. Mars” (Prod. By Timbaland) * BONUS CUT: “Bitches & Sisters”

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hova Jay-Z- Venus Vs. Mars <-Preview + Download Link

“Shorty like ‘Pac/Me, Big Poppa/Screaming “HIT EM UP!”/I’m screaming “WHO SHOT YA?!”-Jay-Z on “Venus Vs. Mars”

“I thought shorty was the truth/found out she was a cheater/We were supposed to Takeover/I caught her bumping Ether.”-Jay-Z on “Venus Vs. Mars”

Props to NahRight for liberating this. Ladies and Gentlemen, we FINALLY have our second song from the INSANELY ANTICIPATED “end” of the Blueprint series, Blueprint 3 that is (DOPE). No, not that. Not even THAT. This “Venus Vs. Mars” track goes hard. And for those keeping track, Jay has mentioned “Ether” twice since Nas and him have reconciled. Nas has mentioned “Takeover” never since they became best buddies. Hmmm…who REALLY won that war? Blueprint 3, September 11th, should be interesting. READ MORE to listen to Jay-Z’s BEST track on dichotomous relationships between two polar opposites, “Bitches & Sisters” off of his attempt to mimic Biggie’s career again double album, Blueprint 2.

P.S.- I retract my statement about “Reminder”, that track is pretty (DOPE).

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Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple- “Flower Water” (UNMIXED) * “Us You’re Listening To” (UNMIXED)

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TBA BlogEmcee Craze & Frsk Purple- Flower Water <-Preview + Download Link

Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple- Us You’re Listening To <-Preview + Download link

“Get another blunt lit/I reckon that that’s it/I was on Cloud 3 but I just moved up 6.”-Frsk Purple on “Flower Water”

“I suffer a disease/To where I got to eat/Me a weekly emcee/the minute I hear beats.”-Frsk Purple on “Us You’re Listening To”

*Editor’s Note: The homie Piffy J informed me that these are the UNMIXED versions of the songs, which is why the volumes sound off. I still think they’re (DOPE) and will be waiting to see “MIXED FINAL VERSIONS” in my inbox soon. You hear that, Craze? SOON!

AOR..LIVE MONEY CULTURE! It’s finally time people…if you remember, I dropped a leak from Frsk Purple a while ago. But this shit right here..THIS SHIT RIGHT HERRRRE. This is the offical first single off of the Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple upcoming EP entitled To Be Announced dropping soon. Also the homie Frsk sent over one of my favorite tracks from the EP, “Flower Water” that if you want to get into a “I want to drink till I spaz out” mood you put this on at the highest level and close your windows. These two Brooklynites are bringing a new style of Hip Hop to the game and dont miss out on saying you were fucking with them before they were HUGE!