Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple- “Flower Water” (UNMIXED) * “Us You’re Listening To” (UNMIXED)

TBA BlogEmcee Craze & Frsk Purple- Flower Water <-Preview + Download Link

Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple- Us You’re Listening To <-Preview + Download link

“Get another blunt lit/I reckon that that’s it/I was on Cloud 3 but I just moved up 6.”-Frsk Purple on “Flower Water”

“I suffer a disease/To where I got to eat/Me a weekly emcee/the minute I hear beats.”-Frsk Purple on “Us You’re Listening To”

*Editor’s Note: The homie Piffy J informed me that these are the UNMIXED versions of the songs, which is why the volumes sound off. I still think they’re (DOPE) and will be waiting to see “MIXED FINAL VERSIONS” in my inbox soon. You hear that, Craze? SOON!

AOR..LIVE MONEY CULTURE! It’s finally time people…if you remember, I dropped a leak from Frsk Purple a while ago. But this shit right here..THIS SHIT RIGHT HERRRRE. This is the offical first single off of the Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple upcoming EP entitled To Be Announced dropping soon. Also the homie Frsk sent over one of my favorite tracks from the EP, “Flower Water” that if you want to get into a “I want to drink till I spaz out” mood you put this on at the highest level and close your windows. These two Brooklynites are bringing a new style of Hip Hop to the game and dont miss out on saying you were fucking with them before they were HUGE!



3 Responses to “Emcee Craze & Frsk Purple- “Flower Water” (UNMIXED) * “Us You’re Listening To” (UNMIXED)”

  1. I do not like flower water. too much noise..

  2. us youre listening to” “craze, he makese beats…wasagu frisk lets go grr..these niggas aint nothin to me…somethin emce….” thats all i hear.. emcee craze thinks hes a black brooklyn man? its a lot of noise in this one…and whining….


  3. fuckashleyscomments.com Says:

    i just peeped these annoying ass comments ..craze thinks he is a black man from Brooklyn? are you serious? how ignorant can that comment get..if thats all you hear then it ain’t for you! whining my ass..fuck off
    Emcee Craze wrote this

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