Jay-Z feat./ J. Cole- “A Star Is Born” (Prod. By Kanye West & No I.D.)

MusicCatalog-J-Jay-Z - vol.2 ... Hard Knock Life-Jay-Z - Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life

Jay-Z feat./ J. Cole- A Star Is Born <-Preview + Download Link

“Wayne did a milli/50 did a milli/’Ye too, but what Em did was silly. The white boy blossomed/After Dre endorsed him/his flow on Renagade..fucken awesome/Applaud him.”-Jay-Z on “A Star Is Born


You KNOW I had to put that as the highlight line. The FINAL Blueprint 3 leak from DopeIsAsDopeDoes finds Jay-Z and his first Roc Nation artist signee, (DOPE)st rookie of the year, J. Cole discuss the great times of becoming a star. Jay name drops EVERYONE from Outkast to 50 to even Mobb Deep(although throws a jab at Prodigy…AGAIN). THIS is the type of futuristic yet classic boom bap Hip Hop Blueprint 3 shouldve hopefully is. That other Kanye leak from BP3 is quite atrocious(not even going to link to it) and you know about the other Timbo shit. Apparently Hov is holding a press conference (a la Killa Cam) sometime soon. September 11th = The Blueprint series finale (for better or worst).

PS- Fans need to realize, white or not, what “Em did WAS silly.” Yes, Wayne sold 1.05 in a week and 50 sold 1.5 in a week, but Em sold over a million in less than 10 days AND went diamond (10 mill+) worldwide…THREE STRAIGHT TIMES. G.O.A.T. status

PPS- I brought the Vol. 2 album cover because well..that’s when Jay-Z(with help from a little white girl) became a star.


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