Birdman feat./ Drake- “More Milli”


Birdman feat./ Drake- More Milli <-Preview + Download Link

“I keep my darker shades on until the flash stops/This for my LA girls getting them implants/And all my DC girls getting them ass shots. Got ’em for a reason, baby go ahead and bust it open/I keep a secret, baby, nothing’s heard when nothing’s spoken/Haters talking like my buzz isnt enough promotion.”-Drake on “More Milli”

Props to my fellow crusaders of the (DOPE) for liberating this track (with a bunch of tags, but the blog game IS sorta like the crack game). The beat sounds EXACTLY like a black-and-white photo, late night in some fancy hotel with white drapes version of “A Milli”. Birdman (As usual) gives a forgettable verse while Drake AGAIN teeters between monotony and (DOPE)ness. Dont know WHAT the fuck this song will land on (probably on Birdman’s album, hopefully not on Drake’s album).


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