Joell Ortiz- “Crime Wave” Freestyle


Joell Ortiz- Crime Wave freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

“When it comes to wins, y’all get NUN(none) like Sister Act/get it, I said NUN like Sister Act/Im just having fun imagine if me and Pun did a track. Wish that could happen/To rapping captains attacking/a track with no lack of passion/Smashing bastards and actually laughing/Fact of the matter is/It’s mathematics/You add up two fat matches/and you get a fire the size of Manhattan.”-Joell Ortiz on “Crime Wave” freestyle

“This the bottom line/Im chasing them dollar signs/If you the new school then Im them niggas in Columbine.”-Joell Ortiz on “Crime Wave” freestyle

GOOD FUCKEN LAWD! I..I..I dont even know what to say at this point. Like, Joell Ortiz is just plain (DOPE). Point blank period. This was probably recorded on the road since Slaughterhouse is touring with Tech 9. I thought Wayne was taking the crown for killing other niggas beats in this last half of the year but after the D.O.A. massacre and THIS..Im 100% convinced that Joell is the underground king. Now if “Call Me” pops off, he might get some mainstream attention.


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