BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher 2009 (Mos Def, Black Thought, Eminem)

“I used to bomb ya like Sadam but now that I’m a little calmer/I’m a fucken cross between Osama, Dama, Obama and Dali Lama/Told Miley I’m a knight in shining armor.”-Eminem on “BET Hip Hop Cypher 2009”

“Drug paraphernalia/beware the werewolf will kill ya/That’s him in the sheep’s clothes, he just shaved his hair off, Cecilia.”-Eminem on “BET Hip Hop Cypher 2009”

“People never get the roses while they can still smell ’em.” <–THAT’S the reason why I always post EVERYTHING Eminem related and always say what he do is (DOPE). It’s because we need to start praising this man for what he REALLY is, the Greatest MC to EVER touch a microphone. Up top is the video to the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher (Known To Twitter- the only reason to watch BET, period) where this cypher lived up to what it looked like on paper. 3 of arguably the greatest MC’s of the 90’s(definitely of all time) spitting together after they’ve recently released music that got people saying they’re STILL (DOPE). MTV needs to do something like this.

PS- Do you know how Eminem is the DEFINITION of Hip Hop? Think of every rapper that is NEAR his commercial success of his career? Okay, now tell how many of those rappers still go to Tim Westwood and drop 6 minutes of freestyle, bring back rap city and freestyle there AND drop the highest selling rap album of the year. EXXXACTLY! Case Closed.


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  1. Vi har deksler til din iPhone….

    […]BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher 2009 (Mos Def, Black Thought, Eminem) « .(DOPE)is as(DOPE)does.[…]…

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