Lupe Fiasco- Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape)

Lupe Fiasco- Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape) <-Download Link

“So stay out of son(sun) way like you drinking blood.”-Lupe Fiasco on “Popular Demand”

So when I want them to hear me out/I just sit them next to a picture of Rosa splitting with her titties out/and what’s written on her titties is what it’s really bout. And her vagina/is some poor kids from China. Nipples/Nuclear missles. Ass/is a daughter without a dad. Back/is like Afghanistan, Iraq. Healthcare hair/Drive-by thighs/education lips/H-I-V eyes. Environment feet, justice get her so wet/Brains get you brain, you can fuck her if you protest. But before you bust on her face/man just finish listen to the tape/ENEMY OF THE STATE.”-Lupe Fiasco on “The National Anthem”

“Came up from the bottom of the Eye Exam, zoom/Now I’m like the biggest G off in the room”-Lupe Fiasco on “Say Something”

“School of hard knocks, I dean it/I done it, as well as a celebrated alumnist/I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas/but you cant bring it to my court, not even with subpoenas/cause you cant play my sport, but you can still cheerlead us/and you cant sit there, that section’s for the seniors/and the sexy senoritas/so just move up to the bleachers/how you gon school me when I grew up with your teachers?”-Lupe Fiasco on “The National Anthem”

Before I start, NahRight liberated the split-single-songs version of this mixtape(regular mixtape format) as the one above is one big 22 minute file(intentionally done by Lupe to give it that cassette feel).  Ok, that’s done? Let me say something that I may retract in this very same post. At this level of his career, given his body of work (classic mixtapes, albums, guest verses, singles, etc), Lupe Fiasco is starting his run to entering the conversation of the Best Rapper Ever. This is his Marshall Mathers LP run, his Life After Death run, his Be run, his Black Album run. This is his classic after the peak. Lupe drops off the best Thanksgiving gift EVER, his new mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story and EASILY murders beat. The above rhymes are honestly a SMALL fraction of the (DOPE) punchlines, extended metaphors, multisyllabic flowing rhymes on this mixtape. I want to gush, I want to analytically break down just why Lupe is just as good as 2009 Eminem, but I’ll save that for a later date.

Oh, and he’s dropping ANOTHER mixtape on Christmas.

PS- If THIS is the lyrical dexterity given FREELY on a 22 minute mixtape…then what madness has he in store for the album? OH MAN!


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