Mos Def – “Hip Hop”

“Speech is my hammer bang the world into shape”

In Hip Hop there’s the whack, there’s the iight, and then there’s the (DOPE) (There’s also the classic, but that’s for a later discussion).  Hip Hop is just like how this spiralling out of control blue and greeen ball Earth is shaped by the “Good”, the “Bad” and  the “Evil”( Note: there’s a difference between Bad And Evil, just ask these guys. ) The Hip Hop world is molded by its holy trinity three-headed beast 3 extremes. But one usually reigns supreme over the other two. There are times when the whack rules the world with a platinum-plated fist. Then there are times when shit aint bad but it damn sure aint good, it’s just iight. Then, when all the stars are aligned, all the prayers are said and the vitamins are eaten (word to Hulk Hogan), the world of the boom bap is ensconced in (DOPE).

One rules over the other. One shapes Hip Hop. The other two just play their position. Which is what brings me to the Mos Def quote at the beginnnig. (DOPE) is as (DOPE) does is my hammer.Banging those dents out until they’re as smooth as a Nina Simone sample (BTW: Wayne > Common in “Misunderstood” sample song.)

So…without further ado…I present to you…



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