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The Game- Boodah Brothers Show Interview (Jay-Z Diss)(Audio)

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The Game- Boodah Brothers Show Interview (Jay-Z Diss)(Audio)

“Jay got that problem, he dont want to get old.”-The Game in “Booda Brothers Show Interview”

“He aint got no kids. I dont know what’s up with that. Maybe he aint fertile. Maybe he’s shooting them blizzanks.”-The Game in “Booda Brothers Show Interview”

“Anybody say my name in a rap I’m gonna lock in. I got both ears. My pen is locked and loaded and I’m gonna respond.”-The Game in “Booda Brothers Show Interview”

I ain’t lose a rap beef yet.”-The Game in “Booda Brothers Show Interview”

You cant be mad that everyone getting their money this way[autotune].”-The Game in “Booda Brothers Show Interview”

Ok, I ONLY am posting ANYTHING about this because I need to let my piece be heard and shut this shit down. And I only noted these quotes not because they’re (DOPE) but because these are the MOST outlandish. Yo, on the real, I like Game’s music. ALOT! The Documentary was a classic. Doctor’s Advocate was pretty good and LAX was (DOPE) as fuck. But when he gets from the mic (Like Charles Hamilton) he starts making you realize how much of a contrived hip hop artist he is. The dude is dissing Jay, made a whole song, had his audience say “Fuck Jay-Z”…because Jay says he’s NOT talking about you? And you claim Jay doesnt want to grow up? MY MAN…you’re damn near 30 and you challenging 22 year old Bow Wow…OVER VIDEO GAMES! You aint lost a rap beef? MY MANNNN….you JUST apologized to G-Unit! Jay hating on dudes using autotune because they’re making money? MY MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN….Jay makes more money than ANYONE using AutoTune! Game, just fall back…PLEASE.

PS- Matter of, Game, keep saying dumb shit like this because you know what, I want Jay to make another “Takeover. Another “Brooklyn High”.  You really fucked up, homie.


The Son of The Frozen Sun (Astonish Article)

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“I hate boxes. I don’t even smoke squares.”-Astonish in DopeIsAsDopeDoes Interview

Being boxed in categories isn’t really Astonish’s thing. Astonish will never be the next Mos Def. Nor the next Kanye West. Nor the next  Jay-Z. And if you asked him….that’s exactly his plan. Astonish, the unsigned artist from The Land of the Frozen Sun(see: Common’s Chi City) has been perfecting his craft of tantilizing lyricism mixed with street smart machismo since the age of 12 and now is making music for the same reason fellow Chicagoian Common made Finding Forever: to make timeless music. 

I’m just a musician. I’m not focused on making one type of music,” says Astonish in his usual relaxed tone.

Your boy might actually mean what he says because his (DOPE) debut EP, From Now Until Forever ranges from the plush strings-driven reflective track “Broken Dreams” (“Karma is a bitch/that dont fuck/she just gives head and thats a person that sucks/to be with”)   to the witty conceptual joint “The Interview “ (“I’m on the grind cause I gotta be/Until I get a deal that looks like I won the lottery”). This mindset has garnered him some success with the release of the music video for his song, “Can U Hear Me”, which even astonished Astonish(come on, I HAD to do it). “30, 000 views in the 1st week. And I’m not even a YouTube rapper [laughs]” jokes Astonish.

Apart from the gift for words, the punchlines and the ear for (DOPE) beats (listen to “Microphone Check”) Astonish’s most appealing feature is his uninhibited honesty. The Molemen member doesn’t bite his tongue when discussing his hometown of Chicago (“That competitiveness intervenes with the unifying of everybody”), underground music (“The only time you shold want to be underground is when you’re dead“) or female MC, Nicki Minaj (“She got it and she can get it. And you can put that on the record”). His music is infused with the same type of honesty, shedding the detached invincibility attached to rappers to show his imperfections on the Scheme and Decay-assisted cut, “Problems”. He’s the everyman MC that every man can’t be. 

Yes, at times he sounds like Mr. Cool. Yes, he’s REALLY under the radar. But with an upcoming mixtape in the works as we speak(he spit a (DOPE) verse from it on the the record though) and scheduled shows next year already lined up, the world will soon be fucking with Astonish. And according to Astonish, the rest of you MC’s better step ya pen game up:

“Any artist that wants to  fuck with me, no lame shit,” says Astonish

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