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J. Aire- “Completion” (Prod. J Dilla) (Free Throw #1)+ “NSFW (Free Throw #2)”

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“When you come from 3 to a bowl riches/you want that I Got Money To Blow riches/The…make you feel whole riches/But without dreams…there’s NO RICHES.”- J. Aire on “Completion”

J. Aire- Completion (Prod. J Dilla)(Free Throw #1) <-Preview + Download Link

“Why is she nagging about a blowjob/It wasnt a bullet, her ass could’ve dodged.”-J. Aire on “NSFW”

J. Aire- NSFW(Free Throw #2) <-Preview + Download Link

J. Aire comes through and blesses us with two Free Throws made in support of PenMe dropping April 20th. (OH YEAH!) Definitely feeling these joints and word is that he’ll be dropping a Free Throw everyday at starting April 13th until the release of PenMe on the 20th.



The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

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The Whack

Tha Carter III= Best Rap Album of 2008?


Ok..Ok..OOOOOOOK. This is NOT about the Grammy’s giving Wayne 8 Noms(Congrats…I guess). And this is NOT about Tha Carter III being the highest selling album of the year even with only half a year to do so(IMPRESSIVE..but expected). This is about RollingStone being too busy riding Wayne’s dick to fuck with any other Hip Hop. In their upcoming issue, RollingStone crowns Tha Carter III the best rap album of 2008. They place the album as the 3rd best overall album (which should piss off some Gnarls Barkley and Duffy fans) and here’s what just covers this whole thing in whackness. THEY PLACE NAS’ Untitled AT NUMBER 43!!! FOURTY FUCKEN THREE!! Nothing against Wayne but if you can find ONE, just ONE song on Tha Carter III that even comes close to the amazing production and awe-inspiring lyricism of “America” or “N.I.G.G.E.R.” I’ll buy every RollingStone magazine I see. 

The Iight 

Peedi AND Styles P…ehhh


Ob feat./ Peedi Crakk and Styles P- Where The Money At?<-Preview + Download Link

“Talk about bars, I’m like Nas, ‘It Was Written’ right”– OB on “Where The Money At?”

Gimmie The Loot reference. Check. It Was Written reference. Check. Energetic flow. Check. These should’ve been all checked off by Peedi Crakk..or Styles P but it’s the virtual unknown artist who delivers on ALL angles. Outshinig both vets(Peedi been in the game for 7 years..he’s gotten to vet status).  I’s AAAAAAAAAIIIIGHT. Catchy chorus. Minimal head knodding beat. Good verses. But it’s Peedi Crakk AND Styles P on the SAME TRACK TOGETHER. Two dudes that showed some of their best lyricism recently on The Roots HIGHLY OVERLOOKED album Rising Down(how about THAT one RollingStone). This should’ve been a lyrical slaughter. But I guess their hunger was…rising down. Get it? Ehh..I guess being iight is contagious. 

The (DOPE)

Big Daddy Kane reveals past competitions and says Jay-Z is better than Jaz


OHHH MY GODDD (word to the aborted Rakim album), Big Daddy Kane sits down with Paul W. Arnold of HipHopDx and drops piece of (DOPE) info after piece of (DOPE) info. Check out the full article here. But here are some highlights:

On cypher with then-teenage Keith Murray:

We just really freestyled. What happened was his uncle was like trying to gas it up like, “Yo, my young nephew, man, he ready to battle you.” That’s when Keith [click to read], his rap name at [the] time was Do Damage [which was taken from a line in “Set It Off”]. And he let Keith rhyme, and then I spit a verse afterwards

On Jay-Z or Jaz?:

Shirt Kings was like, What do you think about Jaz? Because he trying to get a new deal.” And I was like, “Yo, he still nice as hell. But um, that little light-skinned dude [Jay-Z] with him, I think he better. I like him better.


On beef with Rakim:

Well, what happened was we spoke [after “Follow The Leader”]. He claimed that people was telling him, “Yo, he talking about you when he said ‘Rap soloist, you don’t want none of this.’” And I told him I thought he was talking about me with the “word to daddy.” He said that he wasn’t talking about me. And I explained to him that I wasn’t talking about him.