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Late Night Digging III

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Jay-Z feat./ Gwen Dickey- “Wishing on A Star”

“…breaking day in the club/surrounded by my own thoughts, playing the cut.”– Jay-Z on “Wishing on A Star”

NOOOOO “Late Night Digging” is not ONLY going to post songs by Jay-Z and Nas, it’s just that this song SOUNDS like underground, grimey hip hop. Everything from the muffled-quality of Jay’s vocals and the rough sampling and arrangement of the beat to the retrospective tales of the hood…this is a time capsule of mid-90’s Hip Hop. Produced by Trackmasters(so you KNOWWWW it’s old) and wait…THIS SHIT HAD A VIDEO!! Pretty cinematic(Like all of Jay’s videos from Reasonable Doubt and Vol. 1). This is how rare this shit is. It’s on the EUROPEAN BONUS SONG of In My Lifetime Vol. 1. I know some serious Hip Hop heads are reading this like..”THIS NIGGA LATE!!” But hey, ain’t nothing wrong with some reminiscing. 



Late Night Digging II

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Jay-Z Feat./ Pharrell- I Know (Quincey Tones Remix)

Before you say anything, I know I’m late, the video said it was posted about 8 months ago.I know, I know. (like that, right?) But rumaging through my hip hop sites I land on HipHopDx and spotted this story on English(like resides in London type English) producer, Quicey Tones. And by the 2nd sentence I was intrigued:

His remix of Jay-Z’s “I Know,” which was originally stamped with the Pharrell seal, has been dubbed better than the original.”

And boys and girls….HE DEFINITELY DOES DO JUST THAT. Genius part…at 2:43 when that sexy ass chick’s mystic trail of sparkles floats in the air SIMULTANEOUSLY those twinkling chimes come in, oh man…that shit makes me go nuts. (HIP HOP NERD MOMENT!) But besides that…this beat’s almost ghostly yet elegant backing singing gives HOV’s beautiful yet nightmarish tale of addiction more BITE than Pharrell’s euro-House meets tribal Hip Hop beat does. Enjoy this uncovered gem.

Here’s Quincey’s Myspace. More (DOPE)ness awaits you there.


Jay Smooth- “A Poem For The Youth Voter” (Video) + “How To Tell People They Sound Racist” (Video)

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“They can still pull a fast one/The only poll that counts is the last one.”– Jay Smooth on “A Poem For The Youth Voter”

Jay Smooth of illdoctrine= Truth > Truthiness. I been SLEEPING HARD ON THIS DUDE. I usually peep his stuff over at HipHopIsDeadly but this is the first one I’ve checked since I started DopeIsAsDopeDoes. I ain’t going to sit here and preach to you to 1. Take what Jay Smooth said as your Gospel or 2. To vote for Obama. I’m just going to tell you to listen to this (Especially that DOPE highlight rhyme) and take something from it. Whether it be for you to turn to CNN instead of turning to I Want to Work For Diddy (FUCK CIROC OBAMA!!) or sit back for 10 seconds and have a “shit, this can really happen” moment of reflection. Whatever it is. Just let it happen. Peep more Jay Smooth at illdoctrine. READ MORE for Jay Smooth’s video “How To Tell People They Sound Racist”, which is (DOPE) and the quintessential guide to handling race on a person-to-person level. Nice-n-Smooth.
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Alicia Keys has a new movie out?

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Ok ok ok..let me get this straight. Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa AND “BIG VOICE” Jennifer Hudson were in a move together…AND IT CAME OUT THIS PAST FRIDAY?!! I must really be living under a rock, because I saw NOOOOO promotion for this…and Im a fucken couch potatoe on the weekends.  Well, they only raked in $11 Million over the weekend, so I guess I’m not alone in this obliviousness. (Not saying $11 Million is whack, it’s iight…but definitely not (DOPE).) I know it’s the SECRET Life of the Bees, but damn, THAT BIG OF A SECRET? Because I’m in a quite charitable mood, you can READ MORE and see the odd couple jungle fever ’08 our Alicia Keys team up with Jack White of The White Stripes fame for the new James Bond movie’s theme song, “Another Way to Die”.

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Eminem- BBC Interview

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Eminem- BBC Interview <-Download and Preview

“…my dick is really small.”-Eminem in BBC Interview

Eminem. First Interview in 4 Years. From Infinite to Relapse. (DOPE). Listen. Enjoy.



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Joe Buddens: Im smarter than allllll you niggas

Dub B: You cant outsmart the rule

It truly boggles my mind when I hear Joey talk about the intricacies of negotiating in Monopoly. The whole video is RIDICULOUSLY funny(“JOKE TO YOURSELF”) but the funniest thing is at the 6:59 mark where after Brandon(Killa B.H. to the Mood Music heads) asks “what would happen if this was real money” and a stone faced, DEAD SERIOUS Angie Martinez says “somebody would get shot.” IDK why..but that cracks me up everytime I see it. Joey, get ya ass back in the studio and off Broadway and give us Halfway House already.

The Smoking Vagina

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“…you cant smoke that joint through her asshole”

Basically a 10 Minute clip (9:58 for the anal ones) that I watch from the 4:30 mark to 5:25. This is from the documentary(potumentary as I call it, creative huh?) named Super High Me where comedian Doug Benson smokes marijuana for 30 days and records what happens. I swear, when I saw that clip(cause I’m currently watching the movie) I thought “that chick must have the laziest pussy ever.” (DOPE).

Hip Hop related because..umm…well, lets not forget that one of Hip Hop’s greatest duos are these guys. Oh yeah, in related news Redman says that him and his partner in high rhyme, Method Man are making Blackout 2 and filming How High 2. (DOPE).