Lupe Fiasco- Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape)

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Lupe Fiasco- Enemy of the State: A Love Story (Mixtape) <-Download Link

“So stay out of son(sun) way like you drinking blood.”-Lupe Fiasco on “Popular Demand”

So when I want them to hear me out/I just sit them next to a picture of Rosa splitting with her titties out/and what’s written on her titties is what it’s really bout. And her vagina/is some poor kids from China. Nipples/Nuclear missles. Ass/is a daughter without a dad. Back/is like Afghanistan, Iraq. Healthcare hair/Drive-by thighs/education lips/H-I-V eyes. Environment feet, justice get her so wet/Brains get you brain, you can fuck her if you protest. But before you bust on her face/man just finish listen to the tape/ENEMY OF THE STATE.”-Lupe Fiasco on “The National Anthem”

“Came up from the bottom of the Eye Exam, zoom/Now I’m like the biggest G off in the room”-Lupe Fiasco on “Say Something”

“School of hard knocks, I dean it/I done it, as well as a celebrated alumnist/I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas/but you cant bring it to my court, not even with subpoenas/cause you cant play my sport, but you can still cheerlead us/and you cant sit there, that section’s for the seniors/and the sexy senoritas/so just move up to the bleachers/how you gon school me when I grew up with your teachers?”-Lupe Fiasco on “The National Anthem”

Before I start, NahRight liberated the split-single-songs version of this mixtape(regular mixtape format) as the one above is one big 22 minute file(intentionally done by Lupe to give it that cassette feel).  Ok, that’s done? Let me say something that I may retract in this very same post. At this level of his career, given his body of work (classic mixtapes, albums, guest verses, singles, etc), Lupe Fiasco is starting his run to entering the conversation of the Best Rapper Ever. This is his Marshall Mathers LP run, his Life After Death run, his Be run, his Black Album run. This is his classic after the peak. Lupe drops off the best Thanksgiving gift EVER, his new mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story and EASILY murders beat. The above rhymes are honestly a SMALL fraction of the (DOPE) punchlines, extended metaphors, multisyllabic flowing rhymes on this mixtape. I want to gush, I want to analytically break down just why Lupe is just as good as 2009 Eminem, but I’ll save that for a later date.

Oh, and he’s dropping ANOTHER mixtape on Christmas.

PS- If THIS is the lyrical dexterity given FREELY on a 22 minute mixtape…then what madness has he in store for the album? OH MAN!




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Most wins (965), Division titles (8), World Series appearances (4), post season appearances (9), post season record (48-39) AND tied for the most World Series titles (2). Yankees…BASEBALL TEAM OF THE DECADE! CHECK THE STATS!

PS- Oh and you know I had Yankees in 6. And I predicted they were going to go NUTS after they lost Game 5. You’re welcomed


Jay-Z feat./ Alicia Keys- “Empire State of Mind” (Video)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

“The sidelines is blind with casualties/Who sipping life casually/Then gradually become worse/Dont bite the apple, Eve.”-Jay-Z on “Empire State of Mind”

AHHH!! It feels good to be from NYC. Props to YouHeardThatNew. Hype Williams definitely captured the soul of the song and placed it on a grandoise scale with these stunning visuals. Everyone knows this song and the back story, the meaning, the controversy and all that(since it’s been pounded in our heads for months). This more than lived up to the hype, this transcended it and will go down as one of the Top 5 greatest New York City tribute songs…EVER!


PS- Isnt it sad that Jay and  Bey have been together for like 6 years, did a bunch of songs together and the FIRST song he does with Alicia Keys is WAYYYY better than ALL the songs he’s done with Beyonce. WIFE SWAP!

BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher 2009 (Mos Def, Black Thought, Eminem)

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“I used to bomb ya like Sadam but now that I’m a little calmer/I’m a fucken cross between Osama, Dama, Obama and Dali Lama/Told Miley I’m a knight in shining armor.”-Eminem on “BET Hip Hop Cypher 2009”

“Drug paraphernalia/beware the werewolf will kill ya/That’s him in the sheep’s clothes, he just shaved his hair off, Cecilia.”-Eminem on “BET Hip Hop Cypher 2009”

“People never get the roses while they can still smell ’em.” <–THAT’S the reason why I always post EVERYTHING Eminem related and always say what he do is (DOPE). It’s because we need to start praising this man for what he REALLY is, the Greatest MC to EVER touch a microphone. Up top is the video to the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher (Known To Twitter- the only reason to watch BET, period) where this cypher lived up to what it looked like on paper. 3 of arguably the greatest MC’s of the 90’s(definitely of all time) spitting together after they’ve recently released music that got people saying they’re STILL (DOPE). MTV needs to do something like this.

PS- Do you know how Eminem is the DEFINITION of Hip Hop? Think of every rapper that is NEAR his commercial success of his career? Okay, now tell how many of those rappers still go to Tim Westwood and drop 6 minutes of freestyle, bring back rap city and freestyle there AND drop the highest selling rap album of the year. EXXXACTLY! Case Closed.

Joell Ortiz- “Crime Wave” Freestyle

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Joell Ortiz- Crime Wave freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

“When it comes to wins, y’all get NUN(none) like Sister Act/get it, I said NUN like Sister Act/Im just having fun imagine if me and Pun did a track. Wish that could happen/To rapping captains attacking/a track with no lack of passion/Smashing bastards and actually laughing/Fact of the matter is/It’s mathematics/You add up two fat matches/and you get a fire the size of Manhattan.”-Joell Ortiz on “Crime Wave” freestyle

“This the bottom line/Im chasing them dollar signs/If you the new school then Im them niggas in Columbine.”-Joell Ortiz on “Crime Wave” freestyle

GOOD FUCKEN LAWD! I..I..I dont even know what to say at this point. Like, Joell Ortiz is just plain (DOPE). Point blank period. This was probably recorded on the road since Slaughterhouse is touring with Tech 9. I thought Wayne was taking the crown for killing other niggas beats in this last half of the year but after the D.O.A. massacre and THIS..Im 100% convinced that Joell is the underground king. Now if “Call Me” pops off, he might get some mainstream attention.


Lil Wayne- “Run This Town” * “Wasted” * “Swag Surfin”

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Lil Wayne performs as the headliner for the 11th Annual BMI Atla

“You gon have to loop this shit/Aint gon be a duplicate”-Lil Wayne on “Run This Town” freestyle

“Okay, you doing your thing, well things changed”-Lil Wayne on “Wasted” freestyle

“I walk like I’m 30 feet tall/Tiger Woods, all these bitches trying to birdie these balls.”-Lil Wayne on “Swag Surfin'” freestyle

Lil Wayne- Run This Town Freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

Lil Wayne- Wasted Freestyle <-Preview + Download Link

Lil Wayne- Swag Surfin <-Preview + Download Link

All that needs to be said is props to NahRight and my fellow crusaders of the (DOPE). This is Da Drought 3 Wayne. You know Da Drought 3..the LAST time ANYONE could make a LOGICAL argument for Weezy being the best rapper alive. He blacks on ALL these beats. Off of No Ceilings(his new no autotune/all killer/no filler) mixtape dropping on Halloween. PLEASE KEEP THIS UP..and I dont just mean PLEASE KEEP THIS UP on the mixtape..I mean FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

In Related News: Wayne seems to have plead guilty to gun charges stemming from a 2007 case in New York City and will be serving anywhere from 8 to 12 months in jail. Hold your head, Dwayne. But knowing his workaholic self we wont even notice he’s gone.


Birdman feat./ Drake- “More Milli”

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Birdman feat./ Drake- More Milli <-Preview + Download Link

“I keep my darker shades on until the flash stops/This for my LA girls getting them implants/And all my DC girls getting them ass shots. Got ’em for a reason, baby go ahead and bust it open/I keep a secret, baby, nothing’s heard when nothing’s spoken/Haters talking like my buzz isnt enough promotion.”-Drake on “More Milli”

Props to my fellow crusaders of the (DOPE) for liberating this track (with a bunch of tags, but the blog game IS sorta like the crack game). The beat sounds EXACTLY like a black-and-white photo, late night in some fancy hotel with white drapes version of “A Milli”. Birdman (As usual) gives a forgettable verse while Drake AGAIN teeters between monotony and (DOPE)ness. Dont know WHAT the fuck this song will land on (probably on Birdman’s album, hopefully not on Drake’s album).