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Soulja Boy Claims NAS Killed Hip Hop (Video)

Posted in Videos with tags , , , on December 30, 2008 by Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

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“He [Nas] killed his own career with that shit.”-Soulja Boy in above video

I think God reads my blog. That’s the only explanation why the day after I post about the dwindling perception of Hip Hop, Soulja Boy does THIS shit (He even talked about the two artists I highlighted..thanks God). Where do I begin? Ummm…first of all, shout out to WorldStarHipHop, they seem to have a near infinite source of (DOPE) videos. Soulja Boy realizes that his record ain’t selling shit(props on the prophecy Charles) so what does he do, he goes back to what made him famous. THE INTERNET! He says that Nas is the reason Hip Hop is dead because he mentioned it. Soulja Boy…HIP HOP BEEN FUCKED UP FOR ALMOST A DECADE NOW! Since he wants to use analogies(good ones too, I’ll give him that) I’ll use one. Nas mentioning that Hip Hop is dead is like if  there’s a bunch of people in a room together and they been there for years with little to no problems. Then some disgusting odor seeps in through the airvents and fills the room to the point where the only way to escape this nasty shit is to go to a whole different room, but everyone is used to the room they’re in and don’t want to leave because they’re scared of starting over. Nas is that guy who has the balls to say..”yo..THIS FUCKEN PLACE STINKS…LETS LEAVE!” Hip Hop has BEEEN fucked up…everyone was just too pussy to say it out loud. 

Oh and by the way Soulja Boy, I don’t care if it was indirect, kinda aimed or not meant to but when you say “He fucked up his money”, referring to Nas and then say “shut the fuck up and go in the studio, nigga”  you’re basically telling Nas to shut the fuck up. Respect the legends nigga. Cause you can get Ethered with an Oochie Wally verse. EASY!(Shouts out to Murda Mook)