Alicia Keys has a new movie out?

Ok ok ok..let me get this straight. Alicia Keys, Queen Latifa AND “BIG VOICE” Jennifer Hudson were in a move together…AND IT CAME OUT THIS PAST FRIDAY?!! I must really be living under a rock, because I saw NOOOOO promotion for this…and Im a fucken couch potatoe on the weekends.  Well, they only raked in $11 Million over the weekend, so I guess I’m not alone in this obliviousness. (Not saying $11 Million is whack, it’s iight…but definitely not (DOPE).) I know it’s the SECRET Life of the Bees, but damn, THAT BIG OF A SECRET? Because I’m in a quite charitable mood, you can READ MORE and see the odd couple jungle fever ’08 our Alicia Keys team up with Jack White of The White Stripes fame for the new James Bond movie’s theme song, “Another Way to Die”.

Ehh..IDK how I feel about’s up and down..but DEFINITELY doesnt deserve to have its own post.

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